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Mystery Lyrics

For the last few days, the Tones have been making posts hinting at a ‘tidal wave’ sized reveal coming up for 3.9.12.  You can see it on their brand-new website at, or on their facebook or twitter.  Speculation has been rampant, but it seems that most people are hoping for a new song, or the announcement of a new record.  You can count this fan in with that crowd!  Two of their more recent posts have contained lyrics that I can’t place, and google didn’t seem to be a help at all.

“The sound relieves stress so the beat is medical. Our purpose is to worship so the beat is spiritual. Tell me do you believe in miracles?”

“Front door kick it in let em know it’s dancin time…..back door beat it down we don’t wanna wait in line!!!!”

It could be that these are from existing songs that I don’t know, and google has never heard of.  But I also suppose they could be from a new Supertones song.  We know that their ‘purpose is to worship’ (Adonai lyrics), and if you’ve seen them on tour since their return, you know they are all about getting people to dance.  I guess time will tell!

To hold you over until the mysterious 3.9.12 announcement, here is a video of the Supertones playing Adonai at Heaven Fest 2010!



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