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We’re back!! re-launched tonight! Along with the band’s return Track the Tones is back with a new site design and a new team of fans. Track the Tones is your source for all things Supertones. If you haven’t noticed — the band is all about God. Jason Carson wrote the history page on their new website and he makes sure to let everyone know that the band is all about God and His Kingdom. On Track the Tones 2.0 we’ll share different things from the guys’ heart about God and what he’s teaching them. Hopefully we’ll learn something along the way! We hope to connect you to the band and other fans. If you want to contribute pictures, videos, or stories please email them to us at!!

With our relaunch we want to introduce our co-partner in the project, Brian Middleton. Brian is a long-time Supertones fan and would love to connect you with any news or media related to the band. Be on the look out for updates from him soon!

We hope you love the new Supertones site, we hope you enjoy our new look, and we REALLY hope you’ll follow us on Twitter at@TracktheTones!!!

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