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Starting off with a bang: The Supertones Album Openers

Over the course of their 6 studio releases, the O. C. Supertones have made a case for starting things off with a bang. Each album begins with a song built for the special purpose of rocking your socks off. Let’s take a look and see what makes these songs so special!

Long time Supertones fan Brian Middleton Jr. writes about the Tones' opening track

Article by Brian Middleton Jr.

“Adonai,” the intro track to Adventures of the Orange County
Supertones, contains many of the features of a great Supertones song: a memorable hornline, an upbeat message, great rhythm, and a catchy sing-a-long hook of a chorus. It has the distinction of being the Supertones song with the most versions released. It was recorded by the original Supertones line-up for this release, then again on Live Volume 1! It showed up again, re-recorded by the Revenge of the Supertones-era Supertones for Unite, the Supertones first greatest hits record. It’s easy to see why this song has remained a crowd pleaser and a staple in the Supertones’ set lists, even to this day.

The opening track of the band’s sophomore release is a song well
known to any Supertones fan. “Supertones Strike Back,” the title
track off of the Supertones’ breakout record, is a high-energy ska tune that is sure to get your toe tapping. It was featured on MTV and makes an appearance on the Supertones’ live album
as well. It is a great kick-off to an album that many Tones fans still consider their favorite.

“One Voice” starts off Chase the Sun. The song has much more of a rock feel than the previous two starters, but definitely has that signature Supertones energy. The guitar begins to take on a larger role starting with this album, as is evidenced during the chorus of this song. The lyrical content is somewhat different than “Adonai” and “Strike Back” as well, focusing less on upbeat fun, and more on the problem of division in the church. The
song was used as on opener at some shows during the last few tours. It is one of only two openers that did not have a video shot for it.

Loud and Clear explodes with the heavy hitting “Escape from
Reason,” a song that rocks as hard as any Supertones song. The
song starts off with an intro riff that hearkens back to “Supertones Strike Back,” and moves into a sound that is uniquely
Supertones, mixing rap, hard rock and even funk together. The song was tested on the road during a tour with the Gospel Gangsters and Project 86 before Loud and Clear came out, sans horns. The song made its last appearance to date at the Supertones’ final pre-reunion show.

“Superfly” kicks off the Supertones’ fifth record, Hi-Fi Revival,
in a big way, and is a clue to the listener that the Supertones’ sound has taken a definite shift. This opener is a funk song with all of the Supertones signature energy. The horns rock, Tony works his magic on the bass, and Mojo sings “I brought some rhymes to spit, beats to move your feet and hips, Jesus in these lyrics,” letting the fans know that the sound may have changed, but that the energy as well as the message is still the same.

Finally, the last Supertones’ studio record to date, Revenge of
the O.C. Supertones,opens up with the ska-rock tune, “Wake Me Up On Time.” The song is energetic and fun, but perhaps slightly
mellower than the other openers. The lyrics work to paint the picture that much of the album is dedicated to Jesus’ return, and the fulfillment of God’s plan for the Earth. Once again, Mojo and the guys start off with the type of solid and upbeat song that they do so well.

The evidence has been turned in over the course of six studio
albums, as well as countless live shows, and the verdict is clear, the O.C. Supertones know how to kick it off like nobody’s business.


One response to “Starting off with a bang: The Supertones Album Openers

  1. Jesse ⋅

    Fun fact: The Supertones cover Metallica for their first two album openers.

    Adonai / Am I Evil?

    Strike Back / Creeping Death

    Also, Fade Away / Damage Inc.

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