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A family of Supertones fans blessed with VIP tickets

Julie, a lovely Supertones fan, shares her life – struggles and all – on her blog. A friend who shares her burden blessed Julie’s family with four VIP tickets to the Supertones reunion at Jesus Shack last Friday. She writes about her experience, and gives us a shout out, here! Read below.

“OC Supertones Reunite!”

The Friday morning before Mother’s day Marty came home from work and told me, “Guess what I heard on the radio this morning?” to which I replied, “What did you hear?” and then he told me, ” The OC Supertones are reuniting for a tour.” and I guess that I screamed so loud, I woke my kids up.

What’s the big deal you say? Well, I love all ska and have since I was very young. I spent my weekend going to shows including following No Doubt from club to club before they hit it big. In 1998 I turned my life over to Christ and found the OC Supertones. They combined two things that I love Jesus and Ska. The next cool thing is, I grew up in Orange County and they even sing a song that describes my youth in the OC ( Jury Duty). I first saw them live in 2001 when they were touring with the Festival Con Dios. After they disbanded in 2005, things haven’t been the same. A good friend of ours heard the same news on his way home from work. He knew of my great love for them and decided something good should happen to our family. He knows things have been rough and wanted to bless us. His family gave us four VIP tickets to see the Supertones in Bakersfield. Not only would we get to see them, we would get to meet them too!

We were given four cd’s as part of the package and were able to have the Supertones sign them for us.

We were given VIP seating and access to the pit. When the show started the band came out to “Reunited” by Peaches and Herb. It was hilarious, they went around and shook everyone’s hand in the pit. Then the fun began, as always Mojo’s dance moves were infectious and I started skanking for the first time in years. My kids looked at me as if I had lost my mind and who was I and what did I do with their mother. Eventually our son joined me in skanking and jumping. Elizabeth did join her brother in a crowd surfing adventure.

In the middle of the show, they did a worship set. They said they wanted to give Glory to God during this tour. It was a huge deal for our family, usually Marty is playing worship and we never get to worship together. So for me to be able to worship God with my husband was huge. I was teary eyed by the end. I felt such a renewal and renergizing from the Lord. Everyone knows that I have really been struggling as we walk through the valley of sickness with Marty. So to let loose and have fun, while worshipping God was a truly amazing blessing.

They ended the show, came back out and played three songs. I can tell you three songs wasn’t enough for the crowd, we could have kept going. It was if no time had passed at all and they had never been apart. What a truly amazing experience it was for them and their fans. I hope this isn’t the last time I see them, but if it is, I will truly treasure the memory. Thanks Supertones!

PS I was so sore for two days from having so much fun jumping and dancing!

Be sure to click on my title and visit the Track The Tones blog to see if they will be playing near you.


2 responses to “A family of Supertones fans blessed with VIP tickets

  1. Chief

    Hey, it’s Chief from the Supertones. I’m so glad you were encouraged at our show and had a good opportunity to dance, celebrate, and be refreshed in your relationship with Jesus! It was a great night… and there were also around 30+ people who raised their hands to commit their lives to Jesus, so praise God for that too!

  2. Julie

    Thanks Chief! I am still on a holy spirit high almost a week later. I have been gushing incessantly about it. Our son was the one wearing the Proud To Be Awesome shirt all the Tones liked so much during the meet and greet.

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